Speedy Adhesive for Eyelash Extensions


The Lash Express Speedy Adhesive is perfect for all lash application types. We developed this adhesive over a 7 year period and are super committed to consistently providing the cleanest and most effective ingredients. Through our controlled testing and experience less than to 2% of consumers exposed to the Adhesive have experienced an allergic reaction (based on several controlled test).


Color: Black

Bonding Power: "5 - 8 weeks with proper application and client care"

Drying Power: Instant cling 1 to 2 second drying time

Humidity Requirements: 40 - 44% atmospheric pressure

This is expert adhesive with superior holding power, drying time and enables a easier application. 

Excellent for amateur or advanced technicians.


Glue Tips:

Before every application shake well from side to side not up and down. If adhesive when poured appears gray, please re-shake. This normally occurs if adhesive has not be mixed/shaken properly if taken directly out of refrigerator.

  • Keep refrigerated when not in use. For instance at the end of each night does not have to refrigerated in between clients.
  • Keep top clean.
  • Does not contain formaldehyde or any other hazardous substances and carcinogens.
  • For best performance reorder glue at least 2 to 3 months after opening.
  • If adhesive appears thick or clumpy, more than likely the adhesive has gone bad and needs to be replaced. Must consistently keep refrigerated.