We offer Live In Person and Online beauty courses. Students have the option to enroll in any course as there are no required prerequisites. However, we have prepared a outlined path for the most common desired results. We suggest that students review the guided roadmaps to help them plan.

Eyelash Technician
Eyebrow Technician
Teeth Whitening Specialist
Permanent Make-Up Artist
Pro Stylist (Includes all Disciplines)

All courses include:

  • Physical and Electronic Certificate
  • Lifetime Continuous Support
  • Unlimited Access
  • Training Manuals and Workbooks
  • Customizable Templates
  • Student Kit (if applicable)
  • Option to join our Continuing Education Membership Program

Our online offerings allow courses to be taken at your own pace, from any device.

Our Live In Person course offerings unless otherwise stated are provided at our Main location in Norcross, GA. To see course calendar please follow the path of your desired outcome.

Our Promise: Every student no matter the background has an equal opportunity to complete our programs and become certified in their respective Discipline of choice.

We do not require students to be licensed to enroll in our courses.

Why? Our belief is that the majority of inspiring beauty professsionals attend cosmetology or esthetician school believing they will be trained to create the trending styles.

Fact is that jurisdictional board accredited beauty schools and academies were designed for students to pass Jurisdictional Board Licensing Examinations which leaves little time to pursue the skills that will ultimately pay the bills.

Meaning, most of the student's regulated mandatory course hours are spent practicing outdated procedures, styles and methods; that were developed decades ago. Historically, structured school programs were implemented to protect the public from health concerns. Students are tested heavily on cleanliness, sanitation and infection control.

With that being said the mandated course hours is not enough time to pursue the desired trending techniques and methods needed to become a Beauty Subject Matter Expert. That is with the REAL LIFE skills to pay the BILLS.

Where does that leave you? Based on our research and professional experience, most student don't see the fun stuff until they are about 600 hours into their program then they only cover it for a few course hours. Meaning you won't actually know if you have the patience or interest in it until it's too late.

That's why, we always suggest students truly understand what their desired discipline really takes and means for their desired lifestyle.

Our Motto: Use your GOD given talent to make MONEY for survival, Pursue your Passion to build WEALTH.