Brow Tint, Shaping & Wax

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The Brow Tint, Shaping and Wax course covers the essential elements to effectively tint, shape and wax the eyebrows.

No kit is provided with this course offering because some jurisdictions do not allow tinting of the skin and vellus hair. Also keep in mind there are varying levels of hair colors, skin complexions and textures that have to be considered.

✅ Brow Tint course provides detailed instructions for mixing and applying non vegan tint. We use the stencil method for measuring brows so anyone can take this course and be successful.

✅ Brow Shaping portion is detailed as it relates to the rudimentary level shaping and arching of the Natural Brow shape.

✅ Brow Wax portion will require the student have a wax warmer and proper eyebrow wax and essential oils.

Please read and listen to all instructions provided in course modules prior to completing an application on model. As always note all contraindications and instructions of any products you purchase before using on any model or client. Keep in mind patch test are always recommended.

If you have any questions about this course please email us at or call 800-741-5471.