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Add Teeth Whitening to your service offerings, it is a game changer! Doubles revenue instantly. Imagine doing lashes, styling hair, doing nails or facials and having another client getting their teeth whitened, AT THE SAME TIME!

This course includes: 

  • Unlimited Online Course Access
  • Covers - Sanitation & Infection Control, Contraindications, Consultation, Preparation and Detailed Instructions and Instructor Demo from the "TLE Signature Accelerated Teeth Whitening Process" PLAYBOOK.
  • Certification - Once Student Passes examination and provides protocol compliance.
  • Student Kit - "Signature TLE Accelerated Teeth Whitening Kit" Includes: 1 Dental Mannequin, 1 TLE Signature Teeth Whitening Gel Syringe, 1 Gum Protector Syringe, 1 Paper Mouth Guard, 1 Plastic Cheek Extractor, 1 Rubber Cheek Extractor, 1 Finger Brush, 1 Desensitizer Syringe
  • Customizable: Client Liability Waivers, Pricing & Services Guidance, and Aftercare Templates.
  • Downloadable Proprietary "TLE Signature Accelerated Teeth Whitening Process" PLAYBOOK
  • Continuous Support

Three Machine Options:

  • Basic LED Machine (mounted) - Great for the mobile tech or beginner. Easily attaches to most tables or chairs. Basic Stage1 whitening NOT Advanced Whitening. Blue LED light technology. Will demand multiple sessions for Advanced Stage 4 Whitening. Limited to 20 minute session capacity.
  • Pro-LED Machine - Blue LED light technology. 30 minute Advanced whitening results but, only when using TLE Accelerated Teeth Whitening Kits otherwise will need multiple whitening sessions. limited to 30 minute session capacity. Includes machine  manufacturer manual, machine height adjustable, mouth piece flexible, 2 sets of sterilizable protective glasses and wheels with brakes. Digital Remote to operate machine.
  • Ultra Pro-LED Machine - 3 LED light technology (Blue, Red, Purple) can be set upto 60 minutes per session. Has built in camera which displays on the touchscreen for you and the client to see the real time progress. Timer on mouth piece allows the client to view the amount of time remaining in the session without disturbing the process. Advanced whitening results guaranteed. The machine also allows the technician to use the Red and Purple LED technology for clients with pre-existing conditions or more than normal sensitivity to the whitening agents. Touch screen display with capability to adjust brightness, strength and timing. Also Includes machine manufacturer manual, 2 sets of sterilizable protective glasses, machine height adjustable, mouth piece completely movable & adjustable, wheels with brakes and stylist pen to use when gloved. SD card not included.

Client Whitening Kit Includes:

  • Accelerated Teeth Whitening Gel Syringe 
  • Desensitize Syringe
  • Gum Protector Syringe
  • Cheek Extractor (Plastic)
  • Mouth Guard (Paper Mouth Bib)
  • Finger Tooth Brush
  • Dental Bib
  • Micro brushes 
  • Qtips